Additional Anchorage

Find a Type 2 Child Restraint Fitting Station

Accredited Type 1 Fitters compliment Approved Type 2 Child Car Restraint Fitters.

Working closely together to make sure your child will be suitably restrained within the vehicle. Assessing your vehicle current anchorage system & if necessary adding additional anchorage systems where approved.

TYPE 1 Fitters
Type 1 Child Car Seat Fitter assesses your child’s car restraint and current fitment.
A Type 1 fitter installs the car seat into the vehicle and educates the parents & caregivers as to what is required by
law and best practice‘ guidelines.

TYPE 2 Fitters
Type 2 Fitter install after market (Retro Fitting) anchorage points & systems for e.g: crab bars, additional anchorage points, cargo barriers etc

Type 2 Child Restraint Fitting Station Scheme compliments the Type 1 Child Car Restraint Scheme to facilitate easier, faster and safer installation of anchorage points. The Department of Transport (DoT) has Authorised Fitting Stations to install and to approve the installation of child restraint anchorage points to vehicles at a cost to the consumer.

Under the scheme certain DoT approved businesses are authorised to fit child restraint anchorage points and anchorage accessories.The businesses are known as “Type 2 Child Restraint Fitting Stations” and the officers approved to do this work are known as “Type 2 Fitters”. They are also able to approve anchorage points and accessories that have been installed by others.

We use and recommend WESBAR VANQUIP located in Welshpool, WA for all of our additional anchorage needs.

Wesbar Vanquip
Contact. 86 Ewing Street, Welshpool WA 6106.
T: 08 9458 9177. Freecall: 1800 819 390.
F: 08 9458 7177. E: 

Modification permit will need to be issued by authorised modifier





Full list of Authorised Type 2 Fitting Stations

Note: Any qualified tradesman may still carry out these modifications outside of this scheme. However, the modified vehicles will be subject to a vehicle examination and a fee for the DoT’s Vehicle Modification Permit, currently (a link to current fees and charges is provided below).
If you are not able to get to a Type 2 fitter in your region contact the DoT. Related documents and links.
• Office of Road Safety (
• Roadwise (
• Licensing fees and charges (

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