It’s getting hot out there!

It’s getting hot out there!

It’s getting hot out there!

Remember now the weather is heating up your vehicle can become an oven within minutes.

⚠  Never leave your baby, children or pets inside a locked vehicle. In fact NEVER leave your children or pets in the car at all  ⚠

Vehicle temperature inside a parked car can be 20 degrees ‘C to 30 degrees ‘C hotter than the outside temperature. The temperature inside a car can reach dangerous levels quickly, 75% of the temperature rise occurs within the first 5 minutes of closing and leaving the car 

Young children are more sensitive to heat than older children or adults as their body temperature can rise 3 to 5 times faster


1. If you notice that a child has been left unattended in a vehicle call 000 and ask for the Fire Brigade, ambulance & police. If you are concerned about the child’s condition as every second counts!

2. Give your location, the vehicle registration number, the approximate age of the child and the condition of the child.

3. If the car is unlocked, open the doors and shield windows with a blanket etc. and wait for emergency services, or safely try to remove the child from the vehicle.

4. Apply first aid immediately shade, offer water if you able and remain calm.

5. Take photos of the child & vehicle these may come in handy as evidence later.

**DO NOT post these pictures onto social media. These are ONLY for evidence, if required.*imagessummer-515x228






Children and hot cars can quickly become a life-threatening combination. We want parents and caregivers to avoid such a tragedy by never leaving a child in an unattended car, even if the windows are down. Make sure everybody gets out when unloading, and don’t forget sleeping babies. As a reminder, leave a stuffed animal in the car seat and move it up front when the child is in the car seat. Or put your purse or briefcase in the back seat to remind you there’s a child in the car. Children are curious little creatures & can sometimes enter a vehicle on their own, so be sure to lock your car. And if a child is missing, check the car and trunk first.


Its hot enough inside your car to bake biscuits & cook bread


Did you know that on a 36’c day that you can bake chocolate chip biscuits inside your vehicle? YEP!!!

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