Importance of Cargo Barriers

Importance of Cargo Barriers

Cargo Barriers


Have you considered installing a cargo barrier? Why should you install a cargo barrier?

Travel Tip:

Reduce the risk.

Cargo barriers act as a barrier between luggage and your passengers.

A cargo barrier is a vehicle accessory installed into motor vehicles. Cargo barriers act to aid occupancy safety when carrying loads or domestic pets, (usually dogs) in the rear section of a vehicle.

Cargo barriers reduce the risk of luggage flying forward onto passengers.

Injuries from the non-use of cargo can have a catastrophic impact to your passengers.

I highly recommend having a cargo barrier installed into vehicles where the boot or rear space of the vehicle is open.

Cargo barriers can also be adapted to cater for top tethers of child car restraints. Plastic capping must be added to reduce the risk of wear to the top tether and for ease of installation of the restraint.

Rear facing children are especially at risk with objects flying forward from objects stored in the rear luggage area of your vehicle. Installing a cargo barrier reduces the risk to your child.

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