Immigrating to Australia

Immigrating to Australia

Immigrating to Australia – Child’s Car Seat Safety

Did you know that when moving to another country it is up to you as a parent and guardian to make sure you know and fully understand what laws, standards apply to your family and what is required when it comes to child car seat safety


Legal Requirements

Throughout Australia children’s car seat laws are exactly the same. The same laws apply in each state & territory.

State Laws

Western Australia (WA)
South Australia  (SA)
Northern Territory (NT)
New South Wales (NSW)
Victoria (VIC)
Tasmania (TAS)
Queensland (QLD)
Australian Capital City (ACT)

Illegal in Australia:

3 point harness
Booster seats with Isofix
Unharnessed boosters with Isofix
Convertible Seats without top tether
Car Seats that do not have the Australia standards sticker  AS/NZS 1754

10441417_928343093850578_3772673102697916065_n Child car restraints bought in from other countries

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