H-Harnesses also known as additional harness systems

H-Harnesses also known as additional harness systems

Use of H-Harness Information

Office Road Safety W.A.

Under the Australian Standard for child car restraints (AS/NZS 1754), harnesses are suitable for children weighing between 14 and 32/36kg. Harnesses manufactured to a pre-2010 standard have a 14-32kg range. Those manufactured to a post-2010 standard have a 14-36kg range. Under the new laws if the child is 14-32/36kg and between four and up to seven years of age, a harness can be used however it should be used in conjunction with a booster seat. Although it is recommended that children over seven years who are too tall for booster seats use lap-sash seat belts, a harness can be used.



ACRI information: H-Harness and Protecta Harness. (Additional Harness systems)

Unfortunately these are also often misused, especially when it comes to the fitting of a ‘gated buckle’ (which is used to create a lap seat belt from a lap/sash seat belt).NB: Additional harnesses were primarily designed for use with a Lap only seat belt and must be used where the vehicle has a Lap only belt installed. When integrating a harness with a Lap sash Seat belt it’s important to follow the gated buckle instructions very closely.

: The gated buckle must not be able to slide along the seat belt. If the gated buckle is sliding your fitting must be adjusted as an incorrectly adjusted gated buckle may cause injury to the child’s body. The gated buckle must also be placed in a position that disallows contact with the child’s body.

Remember: Adjust the Seat belt low and firm over the child’s hips before the harness tether adjustment is completed. Remove the slack (Looseness) only with the upper tether adjuster.

Beware!! Separate Harness systems are often not compatible with some vehicle Lap sash seat belts, either through the length of belt or specific seat belt locking mechanisms.

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