Cleaning my child’s car seat ….. Yuk!

Cleaning my child’s car seat ….. Yuk!

How do I clean my child’s car seat?


Cleaning your child’s car seat can be a real chore, especially uninstalling then re-installing again and making sure the install is correct.


You do need to be very careful to follow the washing instructions on the seat cover.

When removing the covers you need to pay careful attention
1. How you remove each portion of the cover
2. How the harness is threaded.
3. Check all the working components of the seat
4. Make sure that there are NO safety issues that must be addressed through warranty claim.
5. Check the A.H.R head rest for broken foam or snapped pieces
6. Check the plastic molding of the seat for cracking, warping, stress marks or any signs of damage.

Common issues

  • Fluffing, snagging, fraying, webbing of the harness.
  • Buckles sticking or coming undone
  • Sticky & tight harness adjusters
  • Top tethers snagging, sticking or catching on harness adjuster.
  • Harness & tether adjuster not locking off or broken parts missing
  • Vehicle seat belts not retracting
  • Top ¬†tether snap keeper (plastic bit ) on the back of the anchor clip missing or broken

How do you rectify?

Firstly, The harness MUST be replaced before continued use.
Secondly, Buckles sticking can usually be rectified with cleaning or rinsing under warm soapy water but sometimes may require complete replacement.
Thirdly, Harness adjusters must be replaced if they are snagging, not locking off or have parts missing.
Missing top tether snap keeper clips are cheap as chips to replace so give the manufacturer a call they will send one out to you normally FREE of charge ūüôā



If you notice any damage to the seat mechanics or working parts of the seat report to the the manufacturer immediately, who will then organise for the seat to be repaired, replaced or refunded, if still within warranty period. Remember a damaged seat is a danger to the child. A damaged car seat should NEVER be used and should be replaced immediately.

If the vehicle seat belt is not working correctly you MUST have it fixed by a AUTHORISED seat belt repairer.  Never use a broken seat belt



Washing your child’s carseat



The number 1 rule when cleaning & washing your child’s seat, harness & covers is to NEVER EVER use harsh chemicals on the child’s seat, this includes using bleach, cleaning products or harsh abrasives.

  1. The harness is cleaned by wiping over with a warm soapy cloth and rinsed off with warm water.
  2. Covers can be removed and placed into the washing machine and washed on a gentle cycle for 30 minutes – 1 hour, depending on your washing machine.
  3. Make sure to set the temperature on your machine, no more than 30’c with a mild detergent like BioZ, Dynamo, FAB or other well known washing powder.
  4. If your child has vomited or soiled via nappy explosion then rinse off before placing into the machine.
  5. There is no need to sanitize the covers.  Did you know that Sunlight is a natural sanitiser?? Yes it is!
  6. Rinse the buckle under running warm & soapy water for a few minutes pushing the RED button so as to loosen any debris that may be caught inside the buckle.
  7. Clip buckle together to make sure you hear an AUDIBLE “click!!”. If you do not here the distinct “click” repeat the process.
  8. Pat dry and lay on a towel to drain giving a good shake at random times to assist with drying.
  9. Hang covers on the clothes line until fully dry
  10. Make sure you replace all pieces that originally came off the car seat being careful to follow the instruction manual that came with the seat.

How to clean

If all else fails and you can’t be bothered with all of this. Did you know that we can clean your child’s car seat for you?? Even provide you with a FREE loan seat while you wait.

BUT wait here’s more.. ¬†we install your child’s seat FREE with every car seat clean. PERFECT!!!

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