Can I use bum boosters?

Can I use bum boosters?

Bum boosters served there purpose at one stage before the changes in child restraint standards in 2010.


14915408_10157737545795464_8985718665379311787_nThese booster do have a awesome purpose for use at the kitchen table
Half boosters also know as ‘bum boosters’ have now been removed from the Australian standards.



(Half Boosters should be used with H-Harnesses which are also no longer recommended due to the risk of misuse by the child or the adult placing the child into the restraint.)


Bum boosters, Base only or Half Boosters (AKA Booster cushions)
‘Bum boosters, Half or Base only Booster seats’ have been removed from the 2010 Australian Child restraint Standard.

  • This does not mean they can not be used if you have one, BUT our advice has not changed.
  • A ‘Half or Base only Booster’ should only be used as a last resort, if a more appropriate ‘Full booster’ can not be used.
  • Additionally, always placed into the ‘centre position’ of the vehicle provided correct Lap sash seat belt use is complied with. (If a Lap only seat belt is provided an additional harness must be correctly used as well.)

NB: Because of the limitations these products have always suffered and the change with the Australian standards, some child care organisations have removed them as an option for their staff to use.


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